Ultimate Kye

An open source remake Play Kye Online

Ultimate Kye is a puzzle game based on the 1992 game Kye by Colin Garbutt. In Kye, you must navigate each level to reach every diamond. Experiment to find the properties of the objects encountered to pass each level. Contains all 500+ levels from the original version of Kye and a level editor (coming soon) to make and share your own. Enjoy!

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Ultimate Kye | GitHub | Play Kye Online

Ultimate Kye is a free open source Unity game made by Geoff Woollams.
For support, email hello at play kye dot com.
Ultimate Kye is based on Kye 2.0 by Colin Garbutt (c) 1992.
As with the original Kye, all profit from this game with be donated to Save The Children.
Cheat codes? Nope, don't know any... You definitely shouldn't check the source code.